Corporate portrait photographer in Oslo and Akershus

"You only get one chance to make a good first impression"

Your corporate portrait is often the first thing that a potential client will see when deciding whether to reach out.

I will come to your offices in Oslo or Akershus and make professional photos for your websites, CVs and social media. Please feel free to reach out to me if you ar looking for corporate portrait photographer in Oslo or Akershus: Contact form

The photo session can also take place in studio or at a outdoor location. I know my way around Oslo, and can help you decide on a well-suited location.

I have broad experience in corporate portrait photography. Lately I have been working with clients such as DNB, Capgemini, CEO-Magazine, Manpower and many more.
Professional photos can go a long way in strengthening your brand and building a strong social media presence!

Bilde av fotograf

NOTE: More picture examples on the Norwegian page: Pressebilder, bedriftsfoto og headshot

Corporate portrait photography in Oslo and Akershus – Weldindustry

Dress code

The style varies from industry to industry, but it’s nice if everyone is told about photography in advance, so that you dress representatively without being overdressed. Avoid sharp patterns with strong colors. Normal natural make-up is fine, but if you have the opportunity, skip mineral make-up. Mineral make-up reflects the light and makes the skin appear shiny.


Personally, I really like using the surroundings as a background, but this depends on the company’s profile and how the images are to be used. A white background is not that exciting, but today, where websites are often bright and clean, it can fit very nicely. In addition, it is easier to achieve exactly the same result if you later take another photo or create the photos yourself.

Julie Marianne Løddesøl – Endelig! Morgen

Corporate portrait photography in Oslo

Event photography

Looking for event photographer in Oslo area?

I can help you document events such as kick-off, opening parties and launches in Oslo and Akershus. Great pictures of participants, speakers, mood and entertainment. I have long experience with event photography, and your photos can be delivered the following day.
Corporate portrait photography in Oslo and Akershus

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Portrait photography in Oslo

Tell me about your style and what kind of places you like, so I can suggest a perfect meeting place suitable for your photos



Vakre bryllupsbilder dokumenterer den romantiske historien og gjenskaper følelsene fra den store dagen.

bilde til cv med naturlig lys

Bedriftsportretter, eksempler

Personlig liker jeg best bilder laget utendørs. Bakgrunnen bør være passelig uskarp så man får et inntrykk av miljøet, men ikke så skarp at den forstyrrer bildet.

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